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Deleting a Stackยป

When you are ready to delete your stack, you can do so by navigating to your stack settings and clicking on the delete button. You will get a warning first to let you know that deleting this stack does not delete any of the resources that this stack manages.

Deleting Resources Managed by a Stackยป

Depending on the backend of your stack, there are different commands you can run as a task before deleting the stack.

Backend Command
Terraform terraform destroy -auto-approve
CloudFormation aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name <cloudformation-stack-name>
Pulumi pulumi destroy --non-interactive --yes
Kubernetes kubectl delete --ignore-not-found -l spacelift-stack=<stack-slug> $(kubectl api-resources --verbs=list,create -o name &#124; paste -s -d, -)


For Terraform, you can also run a task through our CLI tool spacectl.

Scheduled Deleteยป

If you would like to schedule to delete a stack, please see our documentation on Scheduling.

Using the APIยป

If you would like to delete a stack using our API, please see our documentation on GraphQL API.