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Elevating IaC Workflows with Spacelift Stacks and Dependencies ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ

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Debugging Guideยป

Setting Environment Variablesยป

Environment variables are commonly used for enabling advanced logging levels for Terraform and Terragrunt. There are two ways environment variables can be set for runs.

  1. Set Environment Variable(s) directly on a Stack's Environment (easiest method).

  2. Set Environment Variable(s) in a Context, and then attach that Context to your Spacelift Stack(s).

Terraform Debuggingยป

Terraform providing an advanced logging mode that can be enabled using the TF_LOG environment variable. As of the writing of this documentation, TF_LOG has 5 different logging levels: TRACE DEBUG INFO WARN and ERROR

Please refer to the Setting Environment Variables section for more information on how to set these variables on your Spacelift Stack(s).

For more information on Terraform logging, please refer directly to the Terraform documentation.

Terragrunt Debuggingยป

Please refer to the Debugging Terragrunt section of our Terragrunt documentation.