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Pull Request Commentsยป

Pull Request Plan Commentingยป

Via Notification policyยป

We have a nice example in our Notification policy documentation that shows how to add a comment to a pull request about changed resources. It is fully customizable, so you can change the message to your liking.

Via Stack label (legacy)ยป

To enable this feature, simply add the label feature:add_plan_pr_comment to the stacks you wish to have plan commenting enabled for on pull requests.

Once enabled, on any future pull request activity, the result of the plan will be commented onto the pull request.

Pull Request Comment-Driven Actionsยป

To enable support for pull request comment events in Spacelift, you will need to ensure the following permissions are enabled within your VCS app integration. Note that if your VCS integration was created using the Spacelift VCS setup wizard, then these permissions have already been set up automatically, and no action is needed.

  • Read access to issues repository permissions
  • Subscribe to issues:comments event

Assuming the above permissions are configured on your VCS application, you can then access pull request comment event data from within your Push policy, and build customizable workflows using this data.


Please note that Spacelift will only evaluate comments that begin with/spacelift to prevent users from unintended actions against their resources managed by Spacelift. Furthermore, Spacelift only processes event data for new comments, and will not receive event data for edited or deleted comments.

Example Push policy to trigger a tracked run from a pull request comment event:

package spacelift

track {
    input.pull_request.action == "commented"
    input.pull_request.comment == concat(" ", ["/spacelift", "deploy",])

Using a Push policy such as the example above, a user could trigger a tracked run on their Spacelift stack by commenting something such as:

/spacelift deploy my-stack-id