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Refund Policyยป


Refunds will be made on the terms and conditions set out in this Policy in the event that the Customer withdraws from the Software purchase Agreement.


The following definitions are set out for the purposes of this Policy:

  1. Policy - these regulations for making refunds.
  2. Company โ€“ Spacelift, Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices located at 541 Jefferson Ave. Suite 100, Redwood City, CA 94063.
  3. Customer - an entity who purchases software from the Company on the basis of the Agreement.
  4. Software - software offered by the Company, purchased by the Customer, which is the subject of the Agreement.
  5. Agreement - the agreement between the Company and the Customer concerning the purchase of the Software.
  6. Funds - funds paid by the Customer to the Company under the Agreement for the purchase of the Software.


The Customer may withdraw from the Agreement and claim a refund of funds within 14 days after the completion of the purchase of the Software provided that the purchased Software has not been activated during that period.

Upon receipt of notification of withdrawal, access to the Software will be blocked and verification of compliance with the conditions described in Section 3 above will begin. The verification process may take up to 10 days.

In the case of positive verification, referred to in Section 4 above, the procedure of returning the Funds will be initiated.

The Funds will be returned using the original payment method.

The time taken to return the Funds may be affected by the operation of the payment provider.


The current version of the Policy is available here

This Policy is valid from 1st November 2021.

In matters not regulated by this Policy, the Terms and Conditions shall apply.