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OneLogin OIDC Setup Guideยป

If you'd like to set up the ability to sign in to your Spacelift account using an OIDC integration with OneLogin, you've come to the right place. This example will walk you through the steps to get this setup, and you'll have Single Sign-On running in no time!


Before setting up SSO, it's recommended to create backup credentials for your Spacelift account for use in case of SSO misconfiguration, or for other break-glass procedures. You can find more about this in the Backup Credentials section.


  • Spacelift account, with access to admin permissions
  • OneLogin account, with permission to create OneLogin Applications


Please note you'll need to be an admin on the Spacelift account to access the account settings to configure Single Sign-On.

Configure Account Settingsยป

You'll need to visit the Spacelift account settings page to set up this integration, from the navigation side bar menu, select "Settings."

Click on Settings

Setup OIDCยป

Next, you'll want to click the Set Up box underneath the "OIDC Settings" section. This will expand some configuration we will need to fill out in a few minutes, which we will be obtaining from OneLogin. For now copy the authorized redirect URL as we will need to provide OneLogin this URL when configuring our OneLogin application.

OneLogin: Select Applicationsยป

In a new browser tab, open your OneLogin account and visit the Administration page. Select the Applications link from the navigation.

Select Applications from the OneLogin Administration page.

OneLogin: Add Applicationยป

Click the Add App button.

Click the Add App button.

Search for OpenId Connect and select the result as shown.

Search for OpenId Connect then Select the Result.

Give your new OneLogin App a name, Spacelift sounds like a good one.

In regards to "Visible in portal" this is a OneLogin configuration decision that's up to you. In this example, we are enabled this value.

Enter a name for your App and click Save.

In the app navigation, navigate to the Configuration section. Input your Login URL for example "" Make sure to replace AccountName with your actual account name.

Next, paste the previously copied authorized redirect URL into the Redirect URI's input field. Once done, remember to click on the Save button.

Paste your authorized redirect URL from Spacelift into the Login Url and Redirect URI's input boxes. Click Save.

In the app navigation, click on the SSO section. Now that we have the OneLogin App setup, we'll need to take the Client ID, Client Secret, and Issuer URL, to configure the Spacelift OIDC Settings

Copy the 3 Values back to Spacelift

Copy/Paste the values into your Spacelift OIDC Settings, Click Save


Important: You'll need to ensure your OneLogin user has access to the OneLogin App you just created, or else you will receive an unauthorized error when clicking save.

OneLogin OIDC Setup Completedยป

That's it! OIDC integration with OneLogin should now be fully configured. Feel free to make any changes to your liking within your OneLogin App configuration.

You'll of course need to configure any users/groups within your OneLogin account to have access to this newly created app.