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Announcing Enhanced VCS Integration ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰

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We consider Users to be all entities that can access Spacelift through the account's Identity Provider after going through the invitation flow, as described on the User Management page.

Access settingsยป

Access settings can be found by clicking the button in the lower-left corner with your avatar and selecting Personal settings.

Requesting an invitationยป

If a user wants another user to be invited, they can use Collaborate with your team banner, to request an invitation for a specified email address. This request will be delivered to account owners and admins to evaluate the request.


This page displays a list of spaces the user has access to, along with the role user has within that spaces. The list of roles and their descriptions can be found on the User Management page.

In addition to displaying existing permissions, the user can request a role change for a space they have access to, either directly or by inheritance, by clicking Request role change button to the left of desired space. You can read more about Spaces and Access Control in linked articles from this documentation.


A list of Groups reported by the Identity Provider on the most recent login will be displayed in this list.