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Announcing Enhanced VCS Integration ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰

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Creating a Spaceยป

Creating and modifying spaces takes place in the Spaces tab in the UI.

Spaces Viewยป

The view shows a tree of all the spaces visible to you in your account. The immutable root space is at the top, and from there you can build any tree structure you want.

This view behaves a bit differently for users that are admins of the root space.

If you are not an admin of the root space, you will only see the spaces that you have access to, additionally, you will see a path from the spaces you have access to, to the root space. Each space card would indicate what access level to that space you have.

If you are an admin of the root space you don't see individual access levels, as you are automatically an admin of all spaces.

Creating a Single Spaceยป

If you are an admin of the root space you can create a space either by clicking a Create space button in the top right corner of the view, or by clicking the blue addition button at the bottom of a space card.

Clicking either will open a modal where you can enter the name of the space, its parent and optionally a description and labels.

You then can click Create to create the space.

Editing the Spaceยป

An admin of the root space has the ability to modify spaces. This can be done by clicking on a space card, which opens up a form similar to the one used for creating a space. After performing any changes you can click Save to save them.